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The e-shop of Pan Service establishes a connection between a supplier and a user and allows for concluding commercial transactions remotely or on site at the supplier. The e-shop operates according to the rules of the current laws for commercial relations between a trader and a consumer and does not violate the law of the parties in any way.

The site provides customers with information about the goods offered, the price including VAT for 1 piece, availability and the possibility of information by e-mail or telephone during business hours: Monday – Friday: 8.30 – 17.30

The order of goods through the site is a confirmation of the consumer’s desire to be bound by the force of a contract between him and Pan Service Ltd. In order for the execution order to be accepted, the user must fill in the fields in the registration form, and the data must be reliable and complete. Otherwise, the order will not be executed and will be considered a malicious experience by the user, which does not bind the supplier with actions to fulfill the request.

The price of the goods announced on the site does not include the cost of delivery to the consumer. The value of the delivery depends on the volume, weight and type of the goods, as well as on the location of the consumer’s settlement. These costs are paid by the consumer at the time of receipt of delivery, together with the price of the goods, if it has not been paid in advance by bank transfer.

The value of the delivery includes the sum insured. In case of finding damaged packaging, mechanical breakage or other similar problem arising during transportation, the user is obliged after payment to open the shipment and check the contents in the presence of the carrier and in case of problem to ask him to draw up a statement of compensation.

In case of delivery by cash on delivery, the consumer is obliged to pay for the goods to its bearer without opening the contents of the shipment in advance. In case of a contract for distance selling (online orders) the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract by virtue of Article 55, paragraph 1 of the CPA, as the costs of re-transportation of the goods are at the expense of the consumer.

The supplier may refuse to return the amount paid to the consumer when the returned goods are not stored and stored in good faith in accordance with Article 55, paragraph 7 of the CPA (damaged packaging, used, poor appearance, etc.).

Spare parts are not subject to warranty claims. They can only be advertised if they are installed and replaced in authorized service centers by the supplier.

In case the customer wants to order a spare part that is not available in the warehouse of Pan Service, but can be delivered at the express request of the customer, the price of the part is prepaid to a bank account based on a pro forma invoice provided.

In case of a contract for sale on the spot, complaints are accepted in the store of Pan Service Ltd., after filling in a complaint form and review by the supplier.

The supplier is not responsible for the lack of stock for the offered goods or the inability of the supplier to deliver the goods immediately.