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 An order for refrigerators’ repairing and maintenance in Sofia town you can place on:

Tel.: 02 885 39 41, 02 9753 890, 0897 996282.

Address: Sofia Mladost 1, 1G.

Email: vitrini@panservice-bg.com

Open hours:

Mon to Fr – 8.30 to 19.00

Sat – 10.00- 12.00

Tel.: 0897 99 61 55, 0888 77 36 05, 02 489 02 52

Address: Sofia Okolovrasten pat 80

Email: klimatici@panservice-bg.com

Open hours: Mon to Fr – 9.00- 18.00

Tel. 0897 99 61 60, 02 825 08 86

Addres: Lulin , 149

Firm”s specialist and technicans will visit you in 24 hours.

Refrigerators’ servicing can be executed from our technicians in all ours branches in the country:

Plovdiv , bul. “6 septemvri” 198 , tel. 032 63 59 36, 032 26 61 60;

Varna , st. ” Мladegka ” 37 ,tel.  052   50 35 40, 052   50 47 19;  

Burgas , st . ” San Stefano” 2 , tel. 056   54 21 32;

Stara Zagora, st. ” Tzar Kaloian ” , bl. 29, tel. 042   60 18 10;

Pleven , bul. “Ru sse” 87 , tel. 064 800 148;

Veliko Tarnovo, st. “Кrakov” 5, tel. 062 64 98 10 , 062 64 98 11;

Vidin , st. “Tzar Ivan Asen ” bl. 7 , tel. 094 60 64 30.

About the company’s service and maintenance for refrigerators:

“Pan Service“Ltd. was created in 1992.

One of the main company’s directions is the repairing and maintenance of all kinds cooling and refrigerating appliances and machines, commercial and home refrigerators – Liebherr, Samsung, Ariston, Electrolux, Bosch, Indesit, LG, Daewoo, Gorenje, General Electric and others.

We posses service network of 10 own service branches with 3000 m2 space in the biggest regional centres in the country – Sofia – 3 service branches, Plovdiv, Varna, Bourgas,  Stara Zagora, Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Vidin, and we have partners in other 24 towns in the country.

Our team is 160 high qualified technicians and specialists.

During the years Pan Service Ltd has been firm’s service for Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Philips, Canon, Blaulaupunkt, Aiwa, Bose, Harman Kardon , JBL, Liebherr, Frigoglass, Mastercook, Bompani, Zelmer, Teka, Saeco and others.

Our employees are motivated and highly qualified professionals. This leads to excellence in the executed services.

Our firm’s policy is satisfying all customers’ requirements – quality, short deadlines and competitive prices.

All our teams are equipped with all the necessary tools, devices and machines for executing all kind of servicing and maintenance of refrigerators, coolers, home cooling appliances and commercial refrigerating and cooling appliances.

We work with materials and consumables of the leading in our branch producers – a warranty for an excellent service and repair for your refrigerator.

We are importers of the most spare parts for refrigerators which allows us to maintain competitive prices.

Thousands clients are happy and satisfied from the high quality repair and service we executed.  

Repairing and maintenance to all brands and models refrigerators – professional and for home using.

We offer the following services:


Compressor changing

Condenser changing

Evaporator changing

Thermostat changing

Refrigerators charging

Charging with leak removing

Evaporator’s sticking and charging

Coolers repairing

Icemakers repairing

Commercial coolers repairing

Commercial coolers check up and maintenance

Refrigerators servicing

We offer quality on competitive prices

Warranty for executed services – 3 (three) months.

Price list for refrigerators’ repairing 


  • the prices for labour and transportation are final, while the prices for spare parts and consumables are approximate
  • for different models refrigerators prices for spare parts and consumables are different
  • When visiting and diagnose our specialist will give you information about the prices and by your agreement, the repair will be executed.
  • When the repair is denied by the customer, he/she pays the expenses for transportation and the diagnose /point 16 from the price list/
  • When a specific spare part is necessary to be ordered and bought, the client pays a deposit for it.
Approximate prices for refrigerators’ repairs in Bulgarian Lev (VAT included)
ServicesSpare partsconsumablestransportationlabourAltogather
1Compressor changing – refrigerator to 250 Litres85151560175
2Compressor changing – refrigerator more than 250 Litres100151565195
3Evaporator changing – refrigerator up to 160 litres45151540115
4Evaporator changing – refrigerator more than 160 litres65151565160
5Automatics’ repair “No frost”401562117
6Thermostat changing1072037
7Leak finding and reload1574870
8Electro installation repair372535
9Fan changing72532
10Door reversing – average door72532
11Door reversing – electrical door74047
12Icemaker repair74047
13Gasket changing15153767
14Refrigerator with icemaker installing272837
15Diagnostic – when the repair is denied71522
The prices are different with the different models