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Inquiries and consultations about servicing for digital and video cameras in Sofia town can be made on the following telephones: 02 9753890, 02 8844396, 0889930000 , 089799 62 65.

Address: Мladost 1, bl. 1 G

Email: canon@panservice-bg.com

Pan service Ltd possess technological and testing equipment from the producer of digital and video cameras Canon, which allows executing of the finest tunings and adjustments. This equipment is installed in our branch in Sofia, zh.k. Mladost bl. 1

All in warranty services are executed in this branch.

For in warranty servicing the client must provide:

– The receipt, issued when the device was bought.

– filled in warranty card with the selling firm’s stamp

– Original packaging

– Description of the problem, inventory list with all the accessories which are send with the devise (in case you are sending the devise by any post services), name and telephone for contact.

The device, along with described above documents, you can send to service branch: Sofia 1750, zh.k. Mladost 1 bl.1 for “Pan Service” Ltd

The transportation of in warranty devices is for Pan Service’s expenses.

The time for fixing a device is 30 days. /According to the Customers protection Law/

For out warranty repairs, the client should send the devise with a list describing the defect, list with the accessories with the device.

When the device has been received in Pan service’s branch and a difference between the list and the real packet content occurred, the firm contacts the client and does not undertake any actions until this difference is clarified.

The transportation if the out warranty repairs is for clients’ expenses.

The company is not responsible for defects occurred while transportation. For this purpose, if the client is willing he/she can sign an insurance policy with the delivery company.

After diagnostics, the firm coordinates the price for the repair with the client and in case the client agrees with the price, the repair is executed.

After finishing the repair, the firm sends back to the client the device along with an invoice for executed repair.

The payment is “cash on delivery”.

Pan service Ltd works with the delivery company called SPEEDY.

For minor problems which don’t require specialized equipment for tuning, repairs without a warranty can be performed in any other service station of Pan Service Ltd.