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Selling, installing and servicing of air conditioners in Sofia town can be made on telephones: 02 967 00 23, 0897 99 61 55,    02 489 02 52.

Show room “Okolovrasten pat” 80 

Email: klimatici@panservice-bg.com

Sells and consultations in all Pan Service’s branches:

Sofia, zh.  “Lulin” , st. “Orion”  bl. 149, tel. 02 8250886, 0897 99 61 60;

Sofia, zh.” Mladost “1 , bl. 1 G , tel 02 9753 890 ;

Sofia , st. “Tzar Simeon ”  21 , tel. 02 983 25 30, 0897 99 61 70;

Plovdiv , bul. “6 septemvri” 198 , tel. 032 63 59 36, 032 26 61 60;

Varna , st. ” Мladegka ” 37 ,tel.  052   50 35 40, 052   50 47 19;  

Burgas , st . ” San Stefano” 2 , tel. 056   54 21 32;

Stara Zagora, st. ” Tzar Kaloian ” , bl. 29, tel. 042   60 18 10;

Pleven , bul. “Ru sse” 87 , tel. 064 800 148;

Veliko Tarnovo, st. “Кrakov” 5, tel. 062 64 98 10 , 062 64 98 11;

Vidin , st. “Tzar Ivan Asen ” bl. 7 , tel. 094 60 64 30.

Air conditioners for every taste and pockets:

Air conditioners can be found in four of ours shops in Sofia.

Air conditioners on leasing we offer in 32  towns in Bulgaria.

Air conditioners have established as the most economical and advantageous heating source in the winters and can provide great temperature comfort in the summer days.

Air conditioners provide rate for energy transportation in heat 1:2,5, which means that we pay for 1 kilowatt electrical energy and receive 4,5 kilowatts heat energy.

Our priority is developing of the business with some of the best brands air conditioners in the world – FUJITSU,  Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Midea.

Pan service offers selling, installing and servicing of air conditioners for the home, office, hotels, public places and business buildings.

Pan Service offers the opportunity to buy an air conditioner on leasing – through TBI Credit.

Value analyse of the heating for 80 m2 flat according to the heating source by prices of the energy sources near September 2011:

Diesel – 1200 lv

Propane-butane – 1100 – 1200lv

Electrical energy – 1100lv

Public heating – 580 lv

Natural gas – 580 lv

Air conditioners – 400     

House coal – 300lv

Firewoods -250 lv

Terms for applying for a consumer credit to TBI Credit Corporation


All Bulgarian citizens of age or permanently staying foreigners of age who possess a Social Security Number as a physical person or a legal entity can apply for a consumer credit

Credit requirements:

Minimum value of financing 150 lv

Pay off term – up to 36 months

No affiliation fee

Equal monthly payments

Necessary documents and information for applying of physical persons:

A copy of the Identification Card of the person applying for credit, certified with the confirmation text “Correct with the original” and signed by the physical person.

Necessary documents and information for applying of a legal entity:

A copy of the first and last legal registration

A copy of the BILSTAT identification code;

A copy of the legal certificate about actual state issued not earlier than three months prior to the application.

Identification card of the owner, manager, or entitled person.

All copies must be certified with the confirmation text “Correct with the original” and sealed by the legal entity.

Fill in of the application for consumer credit

Time for approving the application – 15 min

If approved, the client signs a contract for financing of the chosen merchandise.

Pay off terms: Various terms from 3 to 36 months

For a pay off before the end of term and for regular clients, TBI Credit offers discounts!


“Standard installation” is an installation with easy access for executing – on the first floor or on a terrace on whichever floor, pipes way is less than 3 metres, an opening in the wall is made with 25 cm width, pipes are bandaged, uncovered, they are not in plastic (PVC) channel or dig in.

The filed work is in Sofia town.

The installation has three components:

  1. Transportation of the air conditioner, the work team and the equipment.
  2. materials, put into the system establishing – copper pipe for low and high pressure, thermo isolations, draining hose, cable for communication, supply cable, adhesive tape, bandage tape, contact plug in, hanger for the outside par of the air conditioner (outside body) – white, standard, foam, bolt screw etc.
  3. Labour
  • Delivery and carrying of all the tools and materials / 40 – 60 kg/ when there is a working elevator or up to second floor walking.
  • Delivery and carrying of the outside body / 25 – 40kg/ when there is a working elevator or up to second floor walking.
  •  Delivery and carrying of the inside body /8 – 13kg/ when there is a working elevator or up to second floor walking.
  • Outlining, levelling and installing of the base /sheet iron/  – inside body;
  • Driving a hole 30 – 45 mm, 25 cm.
  • Outlining, levelling and installing of the stand for the outside body when there is “normal access” /on the balcony, balcony wall or under a window/
  • Installing the outside body on the stand when there is “normal access”
  • Installing of the inside body on the base, connecting the pipes and the cables, isolation, draining to the inside body of the air conditioner, packet creating.
  • Packet’s bandaging
  • Connecting the packet with the outside body
  • Vacuuming, scavenging.
  • Sticking the supply cable with silicone
  • Filling up the inside hole
  • Filling up the outside hole / when access is possible/
  • Cleaning and waste gathering in the air conditioner’s empty boxes and throwing them away
  • Cleaning the place after the air conditioner’s installation
  • Carrying out the tools and the left materials /40-60kg/
  • System’s checking and testing by starting it
  • Teaching the clients how to work with the system
  • Warranty card and other papers issuing and filling in

Conditions and rules in the work with customers for air-conditioners

  1.When visiting the place, where a repair will be executed, Pan service’s specialist must:

       a/Do an inspection on the place where an air-conditioner will be installed

       b/Do calculations about the power of the air conditioner and the necessary power on the place for air conditioner installing. In case the bought system does not correspond by power to the necessary power, the specialist should warn the customer and to advise him to change the air conditioner with another more suitable.

In case the client insist the system to be installed, with no matters the unsuitability, we require the customer to write on the warranty card text, testifying that he/she is informed for the unsuitability and by his/her desire the air conditioner is installed. In most common cases this air conditioner will not provide the necessary temperature and in case of defect, the company importer will refuse the warranty servicing.

      c/To clarify to the customer and to co-ordinate:

  • the electric source and the requirements for it
  • leading the water and the draining pipe for the inside body to outside bodies, having in mind the fact that water is leading by the gravity way
  • necessity of tearing the walls, the openings’ size, how the inside body will look
  • type of the pipes the way they will go through

d/The specialist must offer customers the best for air conditioner system place, according the technology for installation, servicing and using.

In case the client insist for another place, he/she should write a text on the warranty card which testify that by his/ her will a different place is chosen and in case of defect or errors in the working during the exploitation time he/she will not have any claims to the technicians.

          e/To the clients should be offered price list for installing and to be explained the definition of “standard installation”/place of the outside body under a window or on the terrace, with a pipe length less than 3 meters, one hole in the brick wall with width less than 25 cm/. All additional services are subject to additional charges.

In the installation’s price is included the warranty of the air conditioner.

All additional holes, extended meters pipes length, going through complex structures and other extras, desired from the customer, are executed in case they are coordinated in advance with the customer and are calculated by the price list.

      j/In case the installation is confirmed and there are no disagreements, the air conditioner’s installation can begin.

In case the air conditioner is not paid in the store, the client should pay it before loading out. The purpose is protecting from non correct clients, who refuse to pay with the explanation that they are not satisfied with the installation or postpone the payment because of lack of money at the moment.

We prefer not to execute the installation versus to trying to get the payment for the same.

     2.After the installation a specialist teaches the client how to work with the air conditioner system.

     3.The specialist cleans the place and removes all visible traces, left after work.

     4.The specialist calculates the value of the installation, issues a receipt and receives the money for the installation.

     5. The specialist fills in the warranty card according to the requirements of the relevant brand.

     6. In case the client refuses to pay the installation, non warranty card is given. In this case the air condition has no warranty.

     7.Compulsory when working on height more than 2 (two) meters, the specialist (technician) must protect him self with alpine rope/cord and to follow all safety rules for working with electricity and drilling instruments.

     8.Compulsory before executing an installation, the specialist must be instructed from the team leader regarding all safety rules according to the law.

 Air conditioner’s installations’ price list

1.Standard split system installation of one inside body and one outside body – 180 lv.

Approximate time for “standard installation” of 1 air conditioner by installation brigade of 2 people is 3-4 hours.

2.Standard split system installation of two inside bodies and one outside body – 320 lv.

3.Additional  installation services:

3.1Transportation out of town Sofia – 0.7 lv/km

3.2Materials bigger than the standard sizes

  • supply cable – 3×1,5 – 1.5 lv/meter;
  • supply cable – 3×2,5 – 2 lv/meter;
  • draining hose (work included) – 2 lv/meter;
  • in case the place for the outside body is non accessible for the installation, a negotiation with alpinists or a crane  is made on prices according to the executed service
  • instruments and materials’ transportation in case of non working elevator – 3 lv/per floor
  • inside and outside bodies carrying in case of non working elevator – 3 lv/per floor
  • digging supply cable into the bricks or YTONG walls – 3lv/meter
  • digging supply cable into concrete – 5 lv/meter
  • laying supply cable in a plastic canal /plastic canal  and work included/ – 5 lv/meter;
  • laying pipe way into plastic canal /plastic canal and work included/ – 12lv/meter;
  • drilling additional hole with size 40 – 45 mm into bricks, concrete and other type of walls – 20 lv
  • refilling with Freon R22 up to 1 litre in case of long pipe way /including the Freon and work/ – 20 lv
  • refilling with Freon R410A up to 1 litre in case of long pipe way / including the Freon and work/ – 35 lv
  • digging pipe way into YTONG – 20lv/meter
  • digging pipe way into bricks – 30 lv/meter
  • digging pipe way into concrete – 40/meter
  • every additional meter pipe way packet /pipes, isolation, cables, drainage, work/ – 30 lv/meter
  • false calling to the technical brigade in case of air conditioner’s fault /the air conditioner is not plugged into the power socket, the remote’s batteries went low or incapability of using the remote/ – 30 lv
  • uninstalling the inside body – 40lv
  • uninstalling the outside body – 50lv
  • delivery, assembling and disassembling of a scaffolding for 1 (one) air conditioner / from 4 m to 6 m/ – 60 lv
  • two stages installing – 1st stage – laying pipe way, 2nd stage – after certain time, installing of the inside and the outside body /for one air conditioner/ – supplementary 80 lv
  • uninstalling and installing (replacing) of the inside body – 100 lv
  • uninstalling and installing (replacing) of the outside body – 120 lv

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

    4.Prices might be raised or reduced depending on the season and the market conjuncture, the location of the installation, the number of the installations on one place, as well as changes in the materials’ prices.

     5.The installation is executed after received agreement from the customer regarding the prices and the work rules and conditions.